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Holy crap, Uncle Monty’s Mollyhouse brought it to Steampunk World’s Fair! That was an intense one, and Fritz von Blitzkrieg is all blitzed out! And we even met some really sweet fans there. If you were there, 1. shame on you for not saying hi and 2. send us pictures if you have any! And thank you to everyone who came to see at the Goblin Market, the Absinthe and Mead Tasting and of course to our show! You were a fun crowd to bend over in lady’s knickers for!

I fucking love my house. Uncle Monty’s Mollyhouse is having a photo shoot in preparation for our performance in two weeks.

Uncle Monty’s Mollyhouse rolled into the Geeky Kink event this weekend and… kind of took it by storm. There was guerrilla Victorian lounge set installation, polka, games of rock, paper scissors that ended in hugging or slapping, a ridiculous amount of spanking and penis jokes, and a whole lot of absurd German accents. The greatest compliment yet was paid by to us the amazing Jess Fink on her twitter: “Uncle monty’s Molly House was gorgeous like seeing cirque du soleil do burlesque.” My heart!

So that’s why it’s been quiet here on my blog for a few days. I was emceeing a Victorian whorehouse and keeping the mollies in shape. You know, no big deal.

Backstage at Webster Hall for Anachronism. We’ll be performing this act again tomorrow at the Rhinestone Follies.

Found this while going through my performance pictures. Getting ready to do a scene from “The Impotence of Being Earnest” with Jack as a glam rock star (I know, what?) at the Dances of Vice Oscar Wilde birthday celebration (2009).

I’ll post pictures of our performances from that night later. There was Victorian drag. Oh, was there ever.

Photo by the wonderful Don Spiro.

So far, I have mainly been posting my drawings and illustrations, and the comic collaboration with my husband, lawrencegullo. However, as The Royal Baritarian Players, we also perform - Victorian music hall, boylesque, puppetry, bawdy readings of Oscar Wilde in nothing but out underpants. We even staged an entire Victorian whorehouse at a major steampunk convention in May. So I think I’ll start posting images from our various performances now and again here. 

This one is a performance art piece drawing on The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Hirschfield’s Different From the Others, and German Expressionism, detailing the inner monologue of a homosexual locked up in an asylum for his “sensitive crimes.”

Unfortunately, I can’t give proper credit to the photographer because these were culled from the internet after the fact, but I will try to be good about it in general.