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And speaking of burlesque and Zelda. I painted this illustration for the Ziegfeld Follies feature on Doris Eaton Travis for the second issue of the magazine, and today Vicky Butterfly absolutely made my day when she posted the above image of her costume (second row, left) and confirmed that it was inspired by the drawing. It is the second time this illustration has inspired one of my most beloved performers to create a costume, the first being Medianoche (second row, right).

It’s funny, I look at the drawing now and, like every artist looking at old work, see a collection of imperfections, things I would fix and do differently now. But it’s so wonderful and flattering to see artists whose work and image inspires me return the compliment in such a beautiful way.

Holy crap, Medianoche just showed me this picture of her performance from last night - the headdress was directly inspired by this drawing of Doris Eton Travis of mine! I am so honored when my gorgeous friends get inspired by my art in their own!