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A friend just alerted me to the fact that this photo of me and my boy by the amazing Anna Fischer was featured in Buzzfeed’s list of “31 Hot Steampunk Girls and Guys.” And… well, gosh. Thank you, Buzzfeed! Though most of the credit should really go to Anna and my husband’s genetics.¬†

So this happened last night. And that’s how you celebrate a birthday. Now I am off to roll around in the lovely presents (stroopwafles and handmade bow ties and Otto Dix books, oh my!) and draw some more requests!

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As of today, that sexy beast and I have been married for two years!

I am missing my adopted creepy twin sister a lot, but she is planning a visit, so I am all like 

Another gorgeous bunch of photos showed up from the Jazz Age Lawn Party! Going to try and bring an even fancier spread next time…

(By Virginia Rollison.)

Our happy feet and their low-down beat wound up in the Times!

Getting your picture taken by Bill Cunningham is such an honor.

Mermaid Parade!!! Ahem, I’m going to stop posting my face now. There will be porn tonight.

Photo by Anna Fischer.

Kicking it with partner in crime in Edwardian wool. I think it was in the 80s that day. Photo by the amazing Anna Fischer.

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