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Felix Yusupov - recently completed commission whose patron will be giving the portrait to the Earl of Wilton, a cousin of Yusupov’s. First of all, silent screaming. Second, maybe this will make up for all those stupid comics?

I feel like I can’t apologize to the universe enough, let alone Kate Beaton.



gutterandthestars asked you: Have you done Griogori Rasputin/Felix Yusupov art? Cos, seriously, it should be a thing.

A little while ago, I wrote about the most important books in my life. First on the list is a two part memoir by Prince Felix Yusupov, the love of my life (sorry, husband), Lost Splendor and In Exile. I read it in Russian, and it has been a source of great vexation and disappointment to me that almost no one I knew had ever read it, since the English translation had been out of print.

Lo and behold, it appears that at long last, Lost Splendor is available! A little pricey, but not unreasonable for a book by a notorious bisexual, philanthropist, transvestite, assassin of Rasputin and the most brilliant and beautiful prince of the vanquished Russian court who rubbed elbows with Anna Pavlova, Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich and the Royal family itself, and who wrote about his life in the dying Empire and his role in the assassination with sparkling wit, charm, and more than expected honesty.

It’s really a shame that only Lost Splendor, the pre-Revolution portion of his autobiography seems to be available, because personally, I find In Exile almost more interesting, but regardless, it’s required reading.