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These 2 gorgeous artworks (by Fyodor Pavlov) will be up for raffle tomorrow (1 per show) at D20 Burlesque’s WAR DAMES! show! To see more of his (sometimes NSFW) artwork, check out his tumblr here:  Buy tickets here

Awww yiiss, prints of my drawings and tatas!!

For the first time in quite literally years, I picked up the pen and started writing again… I don’t know if anything will come of it, but so far it’s kind of writing itself (scared to jinx it). The story is on the topic of this ramble on my other blog. I also started drawing character sketches. So far I’m just writing it, but if I finish, I will then have it to maybe use as a springboard for a comic. Maybe.

Celebrating the Christmas truce of 1914 is a tradition in our home. Neither Lawrence nor I are religious, so the holiday does not mean much to us in the spiritual sense, but the truce and everything wonderful in humanity that it represents means a great deal around here. Last year I printed WWI Christmas cards from as many different countries as I could find and hung them all in garlands next to each other around the house - German and English, French, Canadian, Italian, Russian. We usually wrap our gifts to look like packages sent to the front and watch Joyeux Noël.

So for the coming season, I wanted to draw this. Time completely got away from me in terms of making greeting cards for Halloween, so I wanted to get as much of a head start on Christmas as possible. Closer to the holidays, I’ll be printing these up and putting them up for sale on Etsy

I know that’s a rather clean looking trench and field there, and I know most of the Christmas truce was spent finding and burying each other’s dead across No Man’s Land… But I decided to refrain from drawing torn up limbs and blood-stained churned up snow in a Christmas card. 

Also, is it just me or did the tommy kind of end up looking like Downton’s William?