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I started thinking about Miles because of that gif I posted, so I had to draw my baby.

Insanely busy and tiring weekend, but I’m about to be off again.

Naughty salts, child! Miles Malpractice is the only way to break in a new sketchbook. This one is somewhere between the film version and what’s in my head (though, really, Michael Sheen is flawless in every way).


NOT MINE! Found it on:

Oh hey! My doodle of Adam and Nina!

Our happy feet and their low-down beat wound up in the Times!

Getting your picture taken by Bill Cunningham is such an honor.

judyjetsons asked: Request:
Adam Symes and Nina Blount at the blue party in Bright Young Things!

Doing what they do best - being spectacularly bored. Also, can we just talk for a minute about Nina’s fucking headdress in that scene? My imaginary girlfriend is so getting one.