gatsbygal asked: Something I've been curious about for a while - is there any specific reason you color in red blush around the eyes? Or is it simply an aesthetic you enjoy? (It's certainly an aesthetic I enjoy! VERY much so. <3)

I think it started out as an homage to that drugged vamp look of Weimar Berlin. But then it’s also reminiscent of 18th century make-up, and now I just do it all the time because, yeah, I just like it. Fun fact: several of my burlesque dancer friends started doing their make-up that way for gigs because of my illustrations.

  1. gatsbygal said: Oh how neat that your friends did that! It’s such a lovely look. Thanks for the reply!
  2. atelierilluminaire said: fun fact—this is also a common makeup technique used in the ‘dolly-kei’ or ‘cult-party-kei’ japanese subculture/fashion.
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