I am currently working on a major costuming project for a performance of Lawrence’s, so new drawings might be a little slower in coming than usual. In the meantime, here’s what we did last weekend - live art booth at NYC Maker Faire 2011! We painted a makeshift hodge-podge mural, Lawrence decoupaged some amazing public schoolboy paddles (I tested them), and ate a whole lot of candy. Our gorgeous assistant is none other than the burlesque scientific phenomenon Doctor Flux, Ph.D. Photos by the talented Babette Daniels.

And yes. I do need a scarf and all those dead animals around my neck.

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    beautiful!!! and hey man, i have that same mink stole! different minks though, eheheheh
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  4. kitastcyr said: I like the painting of the lady in the pink burlesque outfit with the feather butt! And everything else about this <3
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    I can’t even deal with how unbelievably beautiful this all is. I really can’t.
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