At last! The jewel in the crown of my burlesque paper dolls - the headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque herself, Jo “Boobs” Weldon! I adore that lady so much, and it was such an honor to paint her.

I am so excited about our next Dr. Sketchy’s session!! My hands are covered in burns and my apartment is covered in peacock feathers and rose petals, so mark your calendars - you won’t want to miss this one!


So, if my Patreon gets up to $1500, I debut a second regular webcomic. I’ve been working on these characters since 2011, and I’ve finally figured out enough of this story to actually work on it as a comic (instead of the novel I got 50,000 words into before I decided it’d work better as a comic). I’ve also more or less figured out how I want to draw everybody.

The story is about Anna, a fortune teller with the Samson Brothers Circus, trying to figure out who murdered her knife-throwing twin sister, Kat, whose ghost is restless. Soon after the murder, other members of the circus, all of whom are suspects, begin developing strange mutations, which ringmaster and circus owner Jebediah Tetanus is all too happy about. It takes place in a loose version of post Civil War America as the circus train traverses the country. It’s not steampunk, though there are some anachronisms. (No goggles and no airships, gears on trains not hats.) It’ll be for an audience of teen and up, mostly for violence. It is a supernatural murder mystery, after all.

I just hit 20,000 followers. If 8% of you gave me $1, the goal would be met and you would get to read this series. That’s entirely do-able. So consider checking out my Patreon!

Guys, do the thing. I want this comic like burning.

I had a lot of peacock feathers in the house, and then I went and bought 100 more, and then I don’t know, my hand slipped.


A little slideshow of our 3 first events at Dr. Sketchy’s!

If you haven’t come to this yet, you’re missing out! The theme of our next event is “The Roses of Heliogabalus” and it’s going to be on August 10th! Join the Dr. Sketchy’s NYC group on facebook to keep up with our shenanigans!

Vicky Butterfly on her signature moon. Perfect muse.

I love it when my art is commissioned as gifts to loved ones. Not only is it so sweet and thoughtful on behalf of the patron to get something completely unique and made by hand for their friend or lover, but it’s also a great honor to me that what I create can serve as such a special gift. This piece was commissioned by writingdirty for dorothydarker, and was received with great success.

A private commission for burlesque dancer Lily Faye and her beau. Tattoos are such a pain to draw, especially when I have to re-create actual pieces done by other artists, but so rewarding in the end!

I have a new child.

Recent works in progress. Going to be making some changes on Vicky Butterfly’s portrait, but I’m excited about how it’s coming along.

wobbly-headed-girl asked: You are like an island of elegance in the ocean of gross stuff I usually look for. I litterally spent 2 hours on your blog ^^ Btw, what do you do exactly for a living? Is drawing enough, or maybe you have a more...ehh..."classic" job? I don't force you to answer if it is too intrusive >.<

I would put “an island of elegance in the ocean of gross stuff” in my artistic statement, except I hope I’m occasionally gross too. At least by some people’s standards.

I’m sorry, I’ve been putting off replying to this ask forever exactly because of the changes happening in my life. But now is as good a time as any to make the announcement. As of a week and a half, I am officially a full-time freelance artist. No more offices, 7 AM alarms, healthcare or job security for me, yay! I may have even started a blog and written about it…

Vicky Butterfly sent me this picture - apparently my art is on a huge billboard on the South Bank in London!

This was a really fun quick project - a client had an existing tattoo of an art deco fan that they wanted embellished. I want to design more tattoos like this!

We had the most wonderful Elizabethan picnic today in Fort Tryon park surrounding the Cloisters. Spring is in her final death throes before the oppressive heat and humidity of summer, and we took full advantage. There was much limber capering, blind man’s bluff and peasant maid seducing, and I finally took my brand new pearl studded doublet and pumpkin pants on their maiden voyage! It was pretty damn cute. God bless my seamstress, clairesanders.

Recently completed portrait for burlesque sensation Calamity Chang with her hilarious dog. As always, the gold ink does not show up well in the scan, alas.