Greeting cards and new prints are now for sale on my website shop and Society 6 page! Snap these babies up while I finish up my Halloween card designs!

New business and greeting cards for autumn are here! The greeting cards will be going up for sale at my store ( and @fineanddandyshop!


This weekend may be my birthday, but tomorrow night, I want to give YOU presents! Here are some of our fantastic sponsors providing raffle prizes to my burlesque show, Drama Queens:

Babeland is a woman-owned, sex positive toy shop that has been serving high quality goods to Seattle and NYC for over 20 years. Shop at

fyodorpavlov art inhabits a palace of old-school aestheticism with a cock-shaped summerhouse. His portraits have included burlesque locals and international stars, and are always distinctly gorgeous.

artemismorrowmillinery specializes in handmade vintage and goth style hats, fascinators and bows. Enter tomorrow’s raffle for a chance to win a gorgeous piece custom made for this very show!

rama Queens is TOMORROW! 8/27, 8pm, Parkside Lounge, $10. Get ready to get emotional.

Yay! Tomorrow!


A private commission for burlesque dancer Lily Faye and her beau. Tattoos are such a pain to draw, especially when I have to re-create actual pieces done by other artists, but so rewarding in the end!

A heads up to everyone reblogging this illustration! It’s become quite popular, and there is now a limited number of prints being sold by Lily Faye, the lady depicted here. There are only 15 prints left, and they are $25 plus $5.60 priority shipping. You can Paypal Lily directly at Proceeds benefit both the subject and the artist!

Next greeting card design goes 1840s.

baise-bizarre asked: Where do you buy your beautiful garments from?

All over. Some are vintage, some are custom-made by me, my partner or my incredible friend and seamstress themendedmoth, some are theater costume cast-offs…

Five years of this unholy alliance today!

(Photo by the wonderful Adrian Buckmaster.)

These are beyond lovely! Love the variety.

Thanks for making my life. <3

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The final three character sketches for Bash Back’s first issue! I have added captions with names and very brief role descriptions to this, and the other two posts - so if you are curious, go back and check them out!

The first two pages are inked. It’s slow, but sure going. So follow Bash Back on tumblr, and keep an eye out. The queer mafia is coming.

Will I actually have new holiday cards in time this year? Looks like it!

junerevolver asked: Hello. I was unaware that Dr. Sketchy's was back in motion. I thought the New York branch ended. I've always wanted to go. It said on the website that you are involved in running the show. When is your next event?

Dr. Sketchy’s is indeed back on, with my partner and I running it. We have not yet officially advertised next month’s event, but you can keep an eye out for us on September 25th at 4 of New York’s Blick art stores, and October 26th at Casa Mezcal for a very special Victorian seance-themed Halloween session. I highly recommend joining our mailing list and the Dr. Sketchy’s NYC group on facebook to get all the details and invites to our events.

More Bash Back character sketches! Storyboarding is on the way, and the drawing of the actual pages has begun!

The Adventures of Toby: The Tandem Bicycle.

Speaking of Sherlock Holmes…


Sherlock Holmes, by Dellamorte & Co. based on art by Fyodor Pavlov

Hey, check THAT shit out!!