Vanitas. Drawing the symbolic cornucopia of death at the bottom was fun.

Et in Arcadia Ego, second in the series. I love drawing flopped over penises almost as much as hard ones. Aw.

Amor Vincit Omnia.

Now that my show is open, I thought I would post the three new pieces that debuted at the gallery. I’m not sure what to call the series yet, and I’m not sure if the series is complete. Inspired by 18th century pastoral paintings and anatomical engravings, they deal with my favorite themes - sex and death. 

You can purchase a print of this painting in my shop.

You can still catch my art show at the Wild Project until April 27th!

After, what, 5 or 6 whole days without porn on this blog? I bring you the wonderful burlesque performer Dangrrr Doll doing the Narcissus with her drag alter-ego, Dangrrr Dude! This was such a fun commission! Dangrrr knew exactly what she wanted, and the pose was a nice challenge - I don’t think I’ve drawn a 69 before. 

I think by this point in the illustrating process I was beginning to quietly lose my mind. Because deciding to paint chinoiserie wallpaper after struggling through an elaborate fireplace seems like a serious lapse in judgment.

That’s going to be it for my sneak previews of the Ouroboros Cycle illustrations. You’ll just have to buy the next volume to see more of my and Lawrence's work!

I think this was my favorite illustration out of them all. Ages ago, I had to illustrate a train station scene, and looking back I was mortified by the result. This was a way to try it again and redeem myself a bit. Also, getting to draw a hat box and a dolman in the same illustration was a highlight.

Illustration is for the second volume of the Ouroboros Cycle.

"The last rites of many a Victorian gentleman involved a discreet fire at the bottom of the garden." - The Sexual History of London, C. Arnold.

Incriminating letters, bawdy house menus, or lewd drawings one might hide behind a velvet curtain in one’s study served as the fuel for such fires. Join us for Dr. Sketchy’s triumphant return and let our delectable models

Johnny Panic
Minx Arcana
Fan Cy Feast

inspire you to draw some naughty art of your own in the hot-house atmosphere of a Victorian brothel. Hosted by the marvelous Suffra Gent.

You can look forward to lovely sartorial contest prizes from and Claire Sanders Designs! 

Session runs from 4-7 pm. Please bring your own art supplies. 
There will be both short (2-5 minute) and long (10-15 minute) poses. No photography allowed (it frightens the horses).

Stonewall Inn
53 Christopher Street
New York, New York 10014

Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door. 

We are only TWO WEEKS AWAY! Have you reserved a spot yet?

nd please, join the Dr. Sketchy’s group on facebook to keep abreast of our future events! Lewd Alfred Douglas and I are cooking up some delicious sessions in the months to come!

Shit gets real in the second volume of the Ouroboros Cycle. Out this coming week!

mrmisadventure asked: I can't wait for Dr. Sketchy's NYC to start again!!

Yessss, baby.

Another illustration in anticipation of the release of the second volume of G.D. Falksen's Ouroboros Cycle. Really proud of those gothic arches.

With several finished projects finally about to see the light of day, I’m going to be posting a lot of new art in the next week! 

The second volume G.D. Falksen's Ouroboros Cycle trilogy, A Cautionary Tale for Young Vampires, illustrated by Lawrence Gullo and yours truly is hitting shelves next week. So here’s one of the sneak peeks of one of my fifteen illustrations (the books has a total of 30!) - this one of Chapter 10. Look at the sass on that anatomical poster. I bet he got a modeling career out of that one.

The show is officially open! If you would like to stop by and check it out, you can do so an hour before every Faux & Fyodor: New Romanticism and Decadence show (the dates of which can be found in the link) at the Wild Project theater until April 27th! I will be there again tonight for Diaghilesque - the Ballets Russes-inspired evening of the show’s run, so stop by, say hi, check out the art and stay for the incredible dancing.

My very first solo art show opens TOMORROW! The reception from 6-8pm is free, though I highly recommend buying a ticket to the wonderful burlesque show that will follow. Come out, drink some wine, see some porn, watch some gorgeous dancers, hold my hand!

And speaking of doublets - finished commission for a dear friend.


Hark! A Doublet…in progress. Elizabethan clothing utilizes a lot of trim and detailing. In lieu of velvet ribbon which I favored initially, stripe detail is cotton twist yarn in matching color. Appliquéd onto top fabric with the double needle setting on Ye Olde Singer. Makes a nice texture. Now for the rest.

This may or may not be my next costume posted on the blog that may or may not belong to my magical seamstress.