Will I actually have new holiday cards in time this year? Looks like it!

junerevolver asked: Hello. I was unaware that Dr. Sketchy's was back in motion. I thought the New York branch ended. I've always wanted to go. It said on the website that you are involved in running the show. When is your next event?

Dr. Sketchy’s is indeed back on, with my partner and I running it. We have not yet officially advertised next month’s event, but you can keep an eye out for us on September 25th at 4 of New York’s Blick art stores, and October 26th at Casa Mezcal for a very special Victorian seance-themed Halloween session. I highly recommend joining our mailing list and the Dr. Sketchy’s NYC group on facebook to get all the details and invites to our events.

More Bash Back character sketches! Storyboarding is on the way, and the drawing of the actual pages has begun!

The Adventures of Toby: The Tandem Bicycle.

Speaking of Sherlock Holmes…


Sherlock Holmes, by Dellamorte & Co. based on art by Fyodor Pavlov



Hey, check THAT shit out!!

A while back, I posted that first character sketch and talked about a dream project Lawrence and I have had for a few years now. A cathartically violent queer mafia revenge story. A story about a crime family not of blood, but of united disenfranchisement and social purpose. A family that bashes back.

For a long time, we had all these amazing ideas for stories and characters, but we weren’t sure where to start or how to do it. And now here I am with some really exciting news. The script for the inaugural comic book issue of Bash Back is finished. Written by lawrencegullo and zforzelma, it is on the desk beside me, covered with notes and page break-downs.  The first 8 pages of it are storyboarded in my sketchbook, and almost all the character designs are complete. 

So get fucking excited, guys. Because those queer, poc, trans* protagonists you wanted? They are coming. And they’ve got their brass knuckles on. 

Bash Back is on Tumblr. So far, it has just been our mood board. Going forward, this is where we will post updates, news and the comic itself.

I am so, so proud of the Dr. Sketchy’s session we put together yesterday! Emperor Heliogabalus is one of the patron saints of my and my husband’s lives, and to put together an event in his honor was a decadent Fellini dream come true. We couldn’t have cast more perfect, gorgeous, or fun models than Iris Explosion, Zelma and Eckszooberante - they completely embodied the characters of the ridiculous Emperor, his domineering mother and his charming Vestal Virgin wife. 

Special thanks to Kat Mon Dieu for hosting as Venus, Anja Keister for the phenomenal Satyricon-like make-up on our models, and our sweet photographer Cliffton. This one will keep me happy for a long while to come!

Follow us on the official Dr. Sketchy’s NYC group to keep up with more events like this one - we’ve got something very special coming up in September and October!



I’m sorry for everyone who is not at Dr. Sketchy’s right now.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuughhhh why does Dr Sketchy’s have to cost money

Dr. Sketchy’s has to cost money because we need to buy and make everything you see on that stage - the props, the set dressing, the lights, the huge peacock fan, the costumes, the wigs, the jewelry. It has to cost money because our models, hosts and photographers need to be paid. It has to cost money because aside from making art, this is my second job, and after paying all the costs of putting the event together for artists to come and enjoy, I would, ideally, like to make some money to pay myself and my husband, the second director, for all the hard work we do to make it happen. And when you consider all these expenses, $12 is really not so bad.

I’m sorry for everyone who is not at Dr. Sketchy’s right now.

Exciting news - my website shop is live!! I’m clearing out a lot of original art, and many pieces are on sale. So if you ever wanted to own an original painting, do have a look and see if there is anything you like! It would make me very happy and help me feed my cat and pay the bills!

And if you would like prints - I have loads in my Society6 shop!

idreamoffashion asked: I would love to see your interpretation of a gay bear, for lack of a better phrase. I picture this really Macho looking dandy haha love your work, by the way!

You mean like this? Or this? Or this? Or maybe even this??

lostprinceofwinterfell asked: I'm not sure whether you got my message so I'm trying to send it again. I've been in love with your "memento mori" art since the day you'd posted it; would it be alright with you if I got it tattooed?

Yes, I did! I’m sorry, I just haven’t gotten to replying yet. Yes, you may. But send me photos! That goes for the rest of you - if you are getting my art on your skin, send me pictures of the results! And I am always open for tattoo commissions.


I am so excited about our next Dr. Sketchy’s session!! My hands are covered in burns and my apartment is covered in peacock feathers and rose petals, so mark your calendars - you won’t want to miss this one!

This Sunday, babies, and we’ve still got discounted tickets available!

theclockworkaesthete replied to your post: Cat’s out of the bag! The brilliant @d…

OH MY GOSH. Is this a thing one can obtain or is this a one off for you kind of dealie because if they do this I will need one IMMEDIATELY for my Sherlock Holmes shelf.

dellamorteco will be producing greyscale versions for sale, so yes, soon! Also, you should join me and zforzelma at ASH Wednesdays to nerd out about Holmes with a bunch of awesome folks.